Fear of the chiropractor?

Fear of the chiropractor?
It is very common to be afraid of the chiropractor. With this post you will lose that fear

The chiropractor generates a similar fear that the dentists in people, although in comparison with a surgery is much less. Today in this post we leave you some tips to clear your fears.

Our profession, today is among the top 3 of the most important health specialties in the world (mainly the United States and Europe), the other two are medicine and dentistry.

Modern chiropractic is just over one hundred years old, although the first reason why fears are generated in the population is precisely because of lack of information. Chiropractic is a discipline that is reliable and our treatments are endorsed by different world organizations.

Chiropractic is not a pseudoscience, don´t fear

The professional career began in 1896 when David Palmer began treating people with manual maneuvers to relieve pain. In the 21st century, our profession has university level and lasts 6 years with more than 5000 hours of theoretical study and professional practice to have the title of Chiropractic Doctor.

What does Chiropractic do?

Like all profession framed in the health services, this is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neuro-skeletal problems. As we focus on maintaining a healthy spine (although we take care of the whole body, the spine is the central axis of the body) it is not necessary to have back pain, or another symptom, to go to our offices, we work more effectively with the preventive medicine to address many problems before they appear.

Anyone can come to a chiropractic consultation, from newborns to seniors, and there are special techniques for pregnant women. Do not fear

To show as an example, the most common problems we treat are: sciatic nerve pain, lumbar and cervical pain, disc herniation, tendinitis, torticollis and others.

For the health of your spine visit a chiropractor like you do with a dentist, you have more questions, you can visit our social networks we are on instagram and Facebook, there every day we post information of interest about our profession.

Zia Chriropractic Trust and Transparency

We are a company that adapt to the XXI century, excellence in chiropractic care is our priority. That is why we offer personalized care and permanent attention to our clients who come to our clinics, who call or visit our social networks (Instagram and Facebook).

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